Plans, drawings and illustrations

Below is a selection of my plans, drawings and illustrations to give you an idea of the range of my work. 3D models, animations and mood boards to help you visualise your garden.

It's not always easy to visualise your new garden from 2D plans. Being able to see your garden in 3D helps you really see the garden and each feature in detail. This allows for discussion and alterations to be made before any work actually starts, saving time and money in the long run.

It also means that the contractors know exactly what is required when they are landscaping and building, so the final product is built as designed and to specification.

A hand drawn and coloured masterplan

A CAD (computer assisted drawing) masterplan

A 3D model


A Photo-realistic rendering of a 3D model

An example of a planting plan

A 3D model


An example of a technical drawing

An animation of one of my models.

An example of a plant ID from a  planting plan

An example of a mood board

see some examples here